Why Chilled Meats Are The Best

Chilled meats rule, frozen ones don’t. Period.

To start with, ever tasted meats or seafood that tasted, well, tasteless?

They were likely frozen!

And frozen meats/seafood never quite taste the same as fresh ones.

Technically speaking, meats are best chilled in temperatures between 0-4 deg C. Freezing happens in temperatures below 0 deg C. Both chilling and freezing meats have their benefits-both prevent spoilage of meat once it’s been cut.

Yet chilling trumps over freezing in the following ways:

Chilled Meats are Flavoursome & Juicier

When meats/seafood are frozen, the water content in them turns to ice. You can prevent this by chilling them. No icicles. Only fresh, tender meats!

Taste and Texture are a Treat with Chilled Meats!

Ice formed in frozen meats/ seafood takes away from the real taste & texture.
But chilled meats preserve the taste & the texture.

Just how they’re meant to be had!

You Care about Nutrition. So Do Chilled Meats/Seafood!

Freezing meats/seafood takes away from their nutritional content. While chilling meats/seafood result in no nutritional loss. You get to relish them in their purest, best form!

No Thawing=Faster Cooking!

Frozen meats need proper thawing to preserve freshness.
While chilled meats don’t need to be thawed at all!

So, you can cook faster & spend time doing other things you love,
besides enjoying our ‘Always Fresh, Never Frozen’ meats and seafood.

Would you still want icicles in your meat/seafood? We bet not!

Let us know in the comments section if chilling meats/seafood made a difference to your recipes.

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