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The Feast of Seven Fishes

Think of a Christmas spread, and imagery of roast duck, chicken, turkey come to mind, along with the season’s must-have desserts for the ones with a sweet tooth! And yes, how could we forget the mulled wine?! But did you know there’s a Christmas tradition in a certain part of […]

Food For Thought

The Perks of Being a Pescetarian

Pesce…What? Or who?? Pescetarian-comes from the Italian word ‘Pesce’ meaning Fish. Add that to a traditional Vegetarian diet and you get a Pescatarian diet-a Nutritionist approved diet that you’re sure to love! Ask why? For starters, celebrities like Ariana Grande and Ellen DeGeneres are patrons. And we’re sure you’re never […]

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Daab Chingri Recipe

Daab Chingri is prawns cooked in mustard and panch phoron within a coconut shell. The shrimps absorb flavours and become very soft and aromatic as they cook. Just this dish and plain white rice is finger-licking good and will leave you feeling satiated and full. Enjoy the process of preparation […]

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The Catch of The Day Story

Aren’t we all excited to see a good price on our favourite fish or seafood! Licious calls it the Catch of the Day-certain kinds of fishes that are offered at a very competitive price every now and then.   The Catch of the Day is one of our most unique offerings. […]