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Kajoli Fish Curry
Recipes & Cooking Methods

Kajoli Fish Curry Recipe

This authentic Bengali dish is made with cleaned and salt-rubbed Kajoli fish. Prepared in a classic onion and tomato gravy, it has an aroma of panch phoron (five spice blend). A great dish for a get-together at home. The divine and earthy flavors of this curry will leave you spellbound. […]

meat and seafood pairings
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Two To Tango

Pairings with Meats & Seafoods ‘Love me like you do, La La! Love me like you do.’ If Ellie Goulding’s song was not enough to impress your bae, try to woo your beloved in a new way this Valentines. Plan for a meaty and hearty dinner with your loved one. […]

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Ways To Enjoy Cold Cuts

Food excites and satiates, tingles and makes us drool. When it comes to meats, all of the flavors and tastes and textures are too overwhelming to resist. Meats are experimental and cold cuts especially so. Versatile, eaten on the go and complementing any kind of cuisine, cold cuts make for […]

Fish Tikka
Recipes & Cooking Methods

Fish Tikka Cooking Instructions

Bound to induce a taste for the East. Fish Tikka is a salute to Eastern Indian cuisine through chef-crafted basa fillet patties in a tempting aromatic mustard base exuding the distinct classic pungency and mild peppery spiciness bound to appeal to any seafood aficionado.   Fish Tikka Cooking Instructions Print […]