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Bengaluru: In the first of its kind innovation, leading Bengaluru fresh meat and seafood start-up Licious has unveiled its state-of-the-art cryogenics facility in a bid to preserve its top-secret gourmet recipes locked up for the posterity. The brand is calling it the flavour-bank, keeping its choicest gourmet recipes made with fresh […]

Bata Curry
Recipes & Cooking Methods

Spicy Bata Fish Curry Recipe

This spicy Bengali fish curry will tingle your palate. This mouth-watering dish is perfect for lunch and dinner parties at home. One of the favorite dishes of Bengal, bata fish curry has the flavor of the panch phoran (five-spice blend) and is generally enjoyed with steaming hot rice. Spicy Bata […]

Kajoli Pan Fry
Recipes & Cooking Methods

Kajoli Pan Fry Recipe

This delectable fish delicacy is an authentic dish from Bengal. The fish is marinated with some aromatic spices and pan-fried. Searing the fish is ideally done on a cast-iron pan traditionally. However, it can be made on a normal frying-pan too. This perfectly pan-fried fish preparation is a delight to […]

Shark Puttu
Recipes & Cooking Methods

Sura Puttu Recipe

Chettinad is a vibrant state, very distinct from the rest of Kerala. From crafts to customs, culture to its cuisine the region has managed to carve its own niche, and you’ll know this as soon as you step there. The cuisine of Chettinad comes from the community of the Nattukoi […]