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Ways To Enjoy Cold Cuts

Food excites and satiates, tingles and makes us drool. When it comes to meats, all of the flavors and tastes and textures are too overwhelming to resist. Meats are experimental and cold cuts especially so. Versatile, eaten on the go and complementing any kind of cuisine, cold cuts make for […]

Fish Tikka
Recipes & Cooking Methods

Fish Tikka Cooking Instructions

Bound to induce a taste for the East. Fish Tikka is a salute to Eastern Indian cuisine through chef-crafted basa fillet patties in a tempting aromatic mustard base exuding the distinct classic pungency and mild peppery spiciness bound to appeal to any seafood aficionado.   Fish Tikka Cooking Instructions Print […]

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The Feast of Seven Fishes

Think of a Christmas spread, and imagery of roast duck, chicken, turkey come to mind, along with the season’s must-have desserts for the ones with a sweet tooth! And yes, how could we forget the mulled wine?! But did you know there’s a Christmas tradition in a certain part of […]

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The Perks of Being a Pescetarian

Pesce…What? Or who?? Pescetarian-comes from the Italian word ‘Pesce’ meaning Fish. Add that to a traditional Vegetarian diet and you get a Pescatarian diet-a Nutritionist approved diet that you’re sure to love! Ask why? For starters, celebrities like Ariana Grande and Ellen DeGeneres are patrons. And we’re sure you’re never […]

Recipes & Cooking Methods

Daab Chingri Recipe

Daab Chingri is prawns cooked in mustard and panch phoron within a coconut shell. The shrimps absorb flavours and become very soft and aromatic as they cook. Just this dish and plain white rice is finger-licking good and will leave you feeling satiated and full. Enjoy the process of preparation […]