Cuisine: Indian

cooked image of chicken 65

Chicken 65 (Deep Fry) Cooking Instructions

A reigning favourite across South India for its spiciness and crunchiness, this deep fried chicken marinade is a host of spices and is tempered with red chillies and curry leaves. Our version of this crispy and savoury hit is spicy, juicy and truly irresistible. Order Now! Chicken 65 (Deep Fry) […]

cooked image of chicken vadai

Chicken Vadai (Deep Fry) Cooking Instructions

If you love a good masala vada, you’ll really love our meaty take on it. Chicken meat is mixed with sambar onions and chana dal for authentic flavour. Deep fry this in a matter of minutes and enjoy as the delicious aroma fills your kitchen. Makes for a tasty side […]

Kombdiche Sukke – Cooking Instructions

Spice it up with this hot favourite! Kombdiche Sukke is a dry chicken masala, marinated in authentic flavours from Kolhapuri cuisine. Enjoy a melange of spices that come together to make a dish that’s extremely flavourful and perfectly balanced. Order now! Kombdiche Sukke – Cooking Instructions Print Recipe CuisineIndian Servings […]

Prawns Koliwada – Cooking Instructions

Spice with a crunch. Straight out of the Sion-Koliwada region of Mumbai, Prawns Koliwada is deliciously spicy and crunchy. It combines the heat of Kashmiri red chillies with the crunch from its gram flour batter. Order now! Prawns Koliwada – Cooking Instructions Print Recipe CuisineIndian Servings Prep Time 2-3 people […]

Fiery Fish Pakoda - Cooking Instructions

Fiery Fish Pakoda (Deep Fry) – Cooking Instructions

If you love all things deep-fried, you’ll love this spicy, crunchy dish. Boneless basa in a fiery hot seasoning and a batter that crunches up delightfully when deep-fried. Pairs perfectly with our Sweet Chilli Seasoning. Order now! For tips on deep-frying the perfect pakodas, do check out our blog on […]

Chicken Kalimiri

Kalimiri Chicken – Cooking Instructions

It’s getting hot in here. Boneless chicken is marinated in an authentic Indian sauce that heroes the king of all spices–black pepper! Kalimiri Chicken’s mild heat and creamy consistency will warm your tastebuds, and your heart. KALIMIRI CHICKEN – COOKING INSTRUCTIONS Print Recipe CourseMain Dish CuisineIndian Servings 2 people Cook […]

Hyderabadi Chilli Chicken

Andhra Chilli Chicken – Cooking Instructions

Turn up the heat if you dare! Andhra Chilli Chicken is a gloriously spicy dish. The secret behind the spice is a marinade that heroes the green chilli. Enjoy the heat of this authentic Andhra fare, right in your kitchen. ANDHRA CHILLI CHICKEN – COOKING INSTRUCTIONS Print Recipe CourseMain Dish […]

Bangalore Chicken Ghee Roast

Chicken Ghee Roast – Cooking Instructions

Rich on spice! The richness of ghee meets the heat of masalas in the Chicken Ghee Roast. Chicken is marinated in an authentic blend of masalas straight from the Karwar Coast of Karnataka for a dish that’s spicy and comforting at the same time. CHICKEN GHEE ROAST – COOKING INSTRUCTIONS […]