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Mediterranean Prawns

Mediterranean Prawns Cooking Instructions

Relish the welcoming taste of oceanic freshness and the delicate tang of vinegar with this herbed delicacy, Mediterranean Prawns. Bite into juicy mouthfuls of medium tail-on prawn plump with tangy-sweet flavours native to Spain across the Mediterranean.   Mediterranean Prawns Cooking Instructions Print Recipe Servings Prep Time 3-4 people 10 […]

Chicken Malai Tikka Cooking Instructions

Mughlai in every way, delicious in every bite. Succulent chicken marinates in a soothingly fresh concoction of our homemade cream, white pepper with a hint of fresh green herbs makes up this Chicken Malai Tikka. Its creamy rich flavour is ideal to add a touch of grandeur to your everyday […]

Chicken Tikka

Chicken Tikka Cooking Instructions

An ode to one of India’s oldest recipes is this Chicken Tikka, that has its origins in the days of old. Boneless chicken chunks marinated twice for a bite bursting with flavour. An authentic Licious take on the classic chicken tikka with a desirable spicy note that lingers.   Chicken […]

Licious Fiery Sardine

Fiery Sardines Cooking Instructions

We’ve cracked the code to what best compliments sardine’s unique flavour! Revel in the appeal of this marinade that induces blatant heat first and then eases into the rich flavour of sardine—packing a punch in all in this Fiery Sardine dish.   Fiery Sardines Cooking Instructions Print Recipe Servings Prep […]

Peri Peri Chicken

Peri Peri Chicken Cooking Instructions

Let the delicious heat of this Peri Peri Chicken consume you! Moist chicken drumsticks dripping with a spicy marinade of bird’s eye chilli, citrus peel, pepper with a subtle undertone of fresh herbs giving you a fiery affair with tropical flavours.   Peri Peri Chicken (Hot) Cooking Instructions Print Recipe Servings […]

Punjabi Tawa Tandoor Chicken

Punjabi Tandoori Chicken Cooking Instructions

Bring down the house with this super-simple rendition of the Tandoor classic. Choicest herbs & spices combine with the freshest cuts of tender chicken go into this Punjabi Tandoori Chicken in-house original which is an ode to the prime-time Punjabi icon of a dish. Pop in the pressure cooker or throw […]

Bengali Style Fish Fingers

Bengali Style Fish Finger Cooking Instructions

A traditional recipe with a conventional twist! Panko-Crumbed Bengali style fish fingers make for the perfect snack. Mildly spicy, with notes of kasundi mustard, cumin, ginger, red chili powder, garam masala powder and paanchphoran to remind you of flavours from the East!   Bengali Style Fish Finger Cooking Instructions Print […]

zaffrani prawns

Prawns Zaffrani Cooking Instructions

A dish with royalty written all over it. The most prized delicacy of the waters meets one of the most valuable spices of the world – Saffron in  Prawns Zaffrani.  Medium prawns (tail on) with a creamy mouthfeel of cashew, and the distinct, rich note of saffron.   Prawns Zaffrani […]

Nilgiri Fish Tikka

Nilgiri Fish Tikka Cooking Instructions

Mountain meets the lakes in this rendition of ready-to-cook basa fillets. Inspired by West Coast cuisine of India, taste the distinct flavours of ingredients fresh from the Nilgiris in this Nilgiri Fish Tikka. Flavours of mint, coriander, curry leaves dominate in a base of coconut.   Nilgiri Fish Tikka Cooking […]

Amritsari Fish

Amritsari Fish Cooking Instructions

A delicious way to transport yourself to the streets of Amritsar. Discover the heat of red chillies, a hint of vinegar and the distinct pungency of carom (ajwain) in a crunchy, batter-coated avatar of basa. Amritsari Fish imbibes the beautiful flavors of this marinade.   Amritsari Fish Cooking Instructions Print […]