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The Right Cut for Lamb and Goat Recipes

Rich or Lean, now that’s a Fat choice! While the ever-evolving dialogue around ‘Fat’ intake keeps the researchers on their toes – we’re serving some tidbits on how to cook different meat cuts (rich or lean) for your next goat or lamb recipe. So, bring out your chef’s cap, a […]

Fish Curry Low Res

Feast on these fantastic Fish & Seafood Curries!

Fish and prawn curries are a staple along the coast. But now that we bring you fresh, world-class fish and prawns right where you are,  you can easily add them to your weekly diets as well. Not only are they super delicious, they also cook really quickly, ensuring you don’t […]

Rogan Josh Low Res

Lamb and Goat Curry Recipes you will LOVE!

The secret to any good, meaty curry is great meat. Another secret? Slowly simmering your meats in a delicious melange of masalas. Contrary to what many people think, whipping up a meaty curry isn’t all that tough. We have for you the best possible high-quality curry cuts, and a whole […]

Chicken Curry Low Res

Chicken Curry Recipes for your soul!

Who doesn’t love a good chicken curry? Warm, spicy, rich, creamy – chicken curries come in infinite styles. We love them because they are easy to whip up for dinner on a rainy weeknight or for brunch on a lovely weekend. All you need is good meat, and a delicious […]

Spicy Chicken Soft Tacos

Make the most of your next match meat up!

With the World Cup in full swing, you and your friends are probably spending time in each others’ homes to catch the match. Snacking is obviously on the cards, and we think the best snacks are the ones that are easy to prepare, easy to eat, and oh-so-delicious! We spent […]

Bata Curry

Spicy Bata Fish Curry Recipe

This spicy Bengali fish curry will tingle your palate. This mouth-watering dish is perfect for lunch and dinner parties at home. One of the favorite dishes of Bengal, bata fish curry has the flavor of the panch phoran (five-spice blend) and is generally enjoyed with steaming hot rice. Spicy Bata […]

Kajoli Pan Fry

Kajoli Pan Fry Recipe

This delectable fish delicacy is an authentic dish from Bengal. The fish is marinated with some aromatic spices and pan-fried. Searing the fish is ideally done on a cast-iron pan traditionally. However, it can be made on a normal frying-pan too. This perfectly pan-fried fish preparation is a delight to […]